Below is a list of some of the services that we provide, if you do not see the service that you require below please do not hesitate to call us on (941) 238 8655 or email

Billets Prices*
Replace 2 Billets $62.50
Replace 4 billets $125.00
Replace 6 billets $125.00
Replace billet webbing $125.00
Replace/add point billets $135.00
Add calf blocks flap $225.00
Add leather guard to bottom of flaps $225.00
Add new knee blocks $275.00
New factory supplied flaps $Call for price
Replace stirrup leather keepers $40.00
Repair one side of flap strap $35.00
Replace forepiece on close contact saddle $95.00
Replace knee pads $225.00
Adjust flaps to desired length (Not including sweat flap) $195.00
Adjust flaps to desired length (Including sweat flaps) $325.00
Replace hardware – nail heads, D-rings etc. $75.00
Re-attach or replace stirrup bars- per side $100.00
Saddle evaluation $65.00
Deep cleaning and conditioning of saddle $40.00
Add gussets to panel $350.00
Convert foam panel to wool $300.00
Rework gullet to provide extra width $150.00
Recover panel from jump saddle $350.00
Replace panels $550.00
Adjust wool to factory standard $125.00
Complete replacement of wool panel $300.00
Saddle Tree
Adjust Albion Genesis head to template $300.00
Adjust polycarbon tree to template $300.00
Adjust wooden tree to template $300.00
Assess tree for possible damage $65.00
Felt tree points to narrow tree $50.00
Add rear shims to tree $65.00
Replace broken rivets in head irons $225.00
Replace broken head irons $300.00
Replace broken spring bars on tree $300.00
Replacement OEM tree $Call for price
Replace seat foam $50.00
Reseat with OEM materials $Call for price
Reseat using Saddlewerks materials $895.00
Replace seat and skirts using Saddlewerks materials $775.00


*Prices do not include the cost of shipping to and from our facility.